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About the Comic

Altered Frontier is a collection of short stories adapted from the radio production of Gunsmoke, originally created and written by Norman Macdonnell and John Meston.

Gunsmoke was broadcast between 1952 and 1961, as well as adapted for television in 1955. It was conceived as a more adult western program than the kid-friendly Lone Ranger and Cisco Kid which were popular at the time.

The entire radio broadcast can be found at archive.org.

Differences between the program and the comic

In no particular order, here's some of the major changes I made.

• Most obviously, all the main characters are tweaked from their original states.

• Matt Dillon, the marshal, became Catalina De Léon

• Chester Proudfoot is Chelsea Proudfoot (which is apparently a Scottish surname)

• Miss Kitty, Matt's only female companion and a waitress at the Texas Trail became Dottie who is now the proprietress of the saloon. She only got a name change because Kitty is too close to Cate.

• Doc Addams is still Doc Adams, though obviously the original was male.

About the Setting

As the name suggests, the world of Altered Frontier is a soft alternate timeline from our own. Without getting too detailed (because I'm not so good at history), this is a world where the history of the continent diverges from the real from account before Columbus. The United States doesn't exist and the North American continent is a loose confederation of sovereign territories--both native and foreign.

This is a lot of words to explain that instead of being a US Marshal, as in the original, Catalina is a Territory Marshal. Different title, same basic job.

Glossary and Notes

• Territory - A federal union between several smaller, sovereign nations to allow ease of trade and travel.

• Territory Marshal - A federal agent with jurisdiction across an entire territory. Catalina has authority over the entirety of the Plains Territory, but she sticks around Dodge. The number of marshals in a territory depends on its size and needs.

• Recovery agent - Not just a bounty hunter, a recovery agent is a special type of private law officer contracted by a government or private company. Similar to a private investigator, most of their time is spent tracking down debtors or other people of special interest.

About Me

I'm a mid-20s comic artist. I come up with little stories and I draw them out for my enjoyment. I hope you like them, too.

You can drop me a line at gunmetalannie at gmail, if you'd like. I'm also on twitter: Mercury_Hat