Catalina De Léon

Catalina is the territory marshal for the area in and around Dodge City, in what we would know as Kansas. She has federal authority and is often the only law around for hundreds of miles. She's in her early 30s.

Chelsea Proudfoot

Although she's not exactly a deputy, Chelsea is Cate's partner in all legal and personal matters. Though her mother was Pawnee, she gets her surname Proudfoot from her Scottish father. She's in her late-20s.

Doctor Rebecca Adams

Doc and her husband Solomon are to medicine what Cate is to the law around Dodge. She's always willing to patch up wounds and tend to ailments, though she might grumble if it's another bullet to pull out of Cate. She's just shy of 40.


Dottie owns the Texas Trail, one of the saloons in Dodge, though she'd tell you her primary job is Cate's therapist. She's in her early 30s.


Lukas is a new transplant to Dodge City, previously coming from parts unknown. He's pretty tight-lipped about his past, but he's a hard worker at the Silver Branch saloon. He figures he's about 18.

Howard Adams

Howard is Doc and Solomon's son and he's studied medicine with them since he could read. He's lived in Dodge most of his life, so he's eager to travel around the territory when he can. He's 18 years old.


Milan is a recovery agent based out of Chicago, but they seem to prefer prairie towns to the bustle of the city. Their age seems to vary depending on who they're talking to.